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Welcome to the PlasmaCraft Wiki

PlasmaCraft is a minecraft mod that adds several Caustic Liquids and Ores which can be used for various items .

The PlasmaCraft IRC chat.

Irc server is, room name is #PlasmaCraft. Direct link to the chat: (Choose a username, and If you ask a question, don't expect an answer within 10 seconds (don't leave right after you join))


You can download PlasmaCraft here




-Fixed right clicking anything other than a caustic liquid source block crashing the game.
-Fixed the hazmat suit texture being empty.(Thanks Dirtdevourer)
-Gun entities now melt snow and burn tall grass properly.
-Added all the plasmacraft stuff to the creative inventory
-Cryonite now doesnt emit light anymore
-Fixed frozen cryonite generation
-Acid pools now spawn on the surface aswell
-Fixed the active plasmificator texture being the texture of cryonitestill
-Fixed the Plasmificator returning vials for anything other than a filled vial
-Fixed plasmificator crash when nowhere to put empty vials (now drops them outside the plasmificator)
-Fixed the plasmificator not properly switching texture from active to inactive.
-Fixed placing the radionite boat in smp crashing the client
-Fixed the radionite boat dropping wood instead of radionite
-Fixed a bug where the plasmificator would delete all its contents
-Fixed buckets destroying caustic sources
-Minecraft 1.0.0 Compatability
Changed radionite color
-Vials are now stackable
-Fixed multiplayer bugs
-Now uses forge!
-Gun durability increased
-Minecraft 1.7.X Compatability
-Added Cryonite Liquid
-Added Frozen Cryonite
-Netherflow vials can now be used as furnace fuel.
-Added Thermonuclear Pellets
-Added Cryo Batteries
-Added Cryo Blaster (Unfinished/Broken)

-Added new property: "LiquidSourceExplodesAfterCausticExplosion"
(If the liquids touch each other, all the blocks will blow up, leaving no liquids behind. (except for acid.))
-Minecraft 1.6.6 compatability. 
-Increased battery recycle chance, 
-added durability to weapons. 
-Plasmagel is now stackable. 
-Fixed the animated plasmificator sprite in high-resolution texturepacks! (Thanks Blackmoon!)
'(More weapon mods/ mutated creatures/multiplayer coming soon!)'

-Removed achievements. Added animation for active plasmificator.

-Added Uranium ore. 
-Added the laser rifle, plasma rifle, rail gun, acid launcher, Laser Shotgun, Rifle beam  splitter. 
-Added Achievements. 
-Added Caustic Batterys. 
-Added energy cells. 
-Added more liquid collision variations.

0.1.8: Compatability with Minecraft v1.5_01

0.1.7: Compatability with Minecraft v1.4_01

0.1.6: Now compatible with ModLoader v5.

0.1.5: Bugfix release.  Bugs fixed:
- Ores and liquids now spawn in the Nether.
- Handling in caustic liquids is fixed.
- Xau's HD texture patcher should no longer cause invisible liquids.
- Acid/Water interaction now produces Clay as a precipitate, eliminating infinite chunk updates when acid touches water.
- Uranium added (does not spawn yet)
- Acid TNT basin generation is fixed.
- The top texture on still water is fixed.
- The Plasmificator queue is now functional.
- WorldGen control values have been exposed in the props file, for dirty cheaters

0.1: Initial release.  Known issues: Radionite Boat's protection ability does not function, Plasmificator queue does not function, caustic physics is a bit odd, caustic combinations mostly lead to explosions but should lead to other things.

Acid Pool

Recent Activity

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