Crafting plasmificator

Plasmificator Recipe

The Plasmificator is used to smelt caustic substances that would not otherwise be smeltable (Ores and goop ) in a normal Furnace. It's powered by Redstone Dust, Plasma Gel , Plasma , Radionite Vials , Plutonium Vials and Caustic Batteries. There is also a 9-slot "queue" where you can set up a list of things to be auto-smelted for you while you are away.


It requires 4 vials of acid and 4 iron ingots to craft.


The plasmificator GUI.


1 Redstone will smelt 1.25 Ore. (4 Redstone to smelt 5 Ore)

1 Acid Goop will smelt 5 Ore.

1 Plasma will smelt 20 Ore.

1 Radionite Vial will smelt 40 Ore.

1 Plutonium Vial will smelt 100 Ore.


The Plasmificator will smelt objects first in the top slot, then the queue from left to right. Anything in a vial will have the vial placed in the left most queue slot once smelted.